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I am a seasoned design leader with twelve years of experience in creative direction, branding, and product design.

My journey began in Esfahan, a city renowned for its amazing architecture, before I pursued my studies and career in London, the heart of the design world. I then found love and a new creative home in Los Angeles, where I continued to refine my skills and broaden my perspective.

As a result of my diverse experiences, I have developed a versatile and adaptable personality that enables me to connect with people from different backgrounds and effectively lead cross-functional teams.


I start working at Dar Al-Handasah since 2010 to present. I have successfully led creative teams and delivered innovative and effective design solutions for a wide range of projects. I excel at collaborating with cross-functional teams and managing projects from conception to execution.

With a passion for design and a creative vision, I am now seeking to transition to a UI/UX role to create engaging user experiences.


I earned a BFA in information design at University Arts of London followed by MFA in Communication Design from Kingstown university. Lately I learned UX/UI through the courses by Google and Meta. 

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