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From a financial downturn to achieving sustained profitability.

I had the privilege of collaborating with Aveo Studio on the Majesty Furniture project as a graphic and a UX/UI designer.


My goal was to boost sales for Majesty Furniture.

Business goal

What is the problem?

Majesty Furniture is a well-known furniture brand in Downtown Beirut with its loyal customers. However, in the past year, the brand didn't achieve the expected results. So the main questions I need to answer are:

  • Why did sales start slumping?

  • What caused this issue?

The owner wants me to find out the reason and resolve it within two week's time.


Business aim

The solution should not only satisfy its loyal customers but also attract more customers to the business.


I started my research with a friendly conversations with seven loyal customers of Majesty Furniture to understand what draws them back and fosters their loyalty. Ultimately, I uncovered two main reasons. 


High Quality



Customer Pain Point

Desire to access The Majesty Furniture's latest collection online.

User story
As a loyal customer of Majesty Furniture, I want convenient access to the latest collection online so that I can explore and consider purchasing furniture items from the comfort of my home.


Problem statment

Majesty Furniture only has a physical store and no online presence. Customers can't explore the latest collection online, making it less convenient for potential buyers.

The lack of digital access to the brand's latest collection drove the creation of the Majesty website. 

How it begins

Transforming words into visual


Story Page

The story pages start with a powerful handcrafted design picture, followed by the strong mission and the company awards. Majesty Furniture has loyal, well-known customers like the President of the UAE. To showcase our pride in these customers, we've added this section to the page design.

Home Page

We embarked on crafting a website that serves as a visual symphony of elegance.


Product Page

Our product's page is more than a collection of images; it's a journey that deeply connects with our audience. In the pages of the website, you'll find the perfect balance between homely comfort and chic luxury, mirroring Majesty's unique blend of approachability and sophistication.

Picture a world where the deep, commanding elegance of midnight skies converges with the warm embrace of gold, a luxurious hue that radiates luxury. In this palette, each stroke on our canvas resonates with majesty.


While we were busy with the design and drafting of how to present the Majesty website, our photography team was capturing stunning images of the products at the Majesty studio. 

They captured amazing photos of individual pieces of furnitures, and we transformed them into a scene of luxurious homeliness.

Majesty Furniture Digital Brochure-14.png
Majesty Furniture Digital Brochure-11.png
Majesty Furniture Digital Brochure-19.png


Bridging the gap between print and digital

Cards for website

The Catalog

Balancing Homely Comfort

and Chic Luxury


We took the same strategic approach that had proven successful in crafting the website and applied it to our brochure design. Our objective was to ensure a consistent and unified visual experience across both mediums, upholding the fusion of timeless craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics.

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