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Self-Journey Application

Project Overview:

Follow Fellow is a self- journal application designed specifically for Generation Z, empowering them to embark on a personal growth journey. With its unique and personalized approach, Follow Fellow provides users with tailored feedback and guidance to support their individual development.

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Supporting the emotional well-being, personal development, and self-expression of Generation Z users and help them navigate the challenges of daily life and achieve their full potential.

Roles & Responsibilities:

For this project I worked on the entire scope of the product design from the initial research to conception, all aspects of the user research and final visual design, interface and testing.


  • Researcher 

  • Designer

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Key Challenges and Solutions

1. Problem

How to stand out from the competition?


Using the latest trend and technology.

  • Convert Voice to Text

  • Preserve Handwritten to Digital

  • Gain Insights with LLM Technology

2. Problem

Lack of motivation


  • Personalized feedback and tips based on user input, leveraging data analysis and AI for tailored insights and recommendations on the personal growth journey.

  • Incentivize user engagement by implementing a rewards system. 


3. Problem

Lake of customisation and organization


  • Allows users to customize their entry pages, reflecting their unique style.

  • They can choose color schemes for better organization and categorization of their journal entries.

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4. Problem

Get feedback and report for specific dates or periods


  • Ability to generate detailed reports and receive meaningful feedback on specific dates or periods of their choice.

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Design Process

The design process involved continuous iteration and refinement, with frequent reference to research, personas, and early-stage design testing. We embraced an iterative approach, making updates and changes along the way to ensure a user-centered and optimized design.


User- Research

Who is the target user and why?
Generation Z.

Survey and Interview

To gain a deeper understanding of our target audience, we conducted a survey on Google Forms to gather more specific insights from individuals. The purpose of the survey was to gather insights on what this generation perceives as their needs and pain points when it comes to the self-journey app.

We conducted one-on-one interviews with six candidates to gather sufficient data and identify findings that are crucial to users.