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Game Application

Designing a modern and user-friendly car racing game app 

In this case study, I will share my design process, including the methods and rewards system I implemented to motivate and engage users, taking the app to the next level. This strategic addition not only enhances user engagement but also lays a solid foundation for the app's success. Additionally, I will discuss the results of the usability test conducted in the early stages of the design and the insights gained from it.


Product Designer (UX/UI)




Game Design


6 Weeks





Idealweb4u, is an innovative app development company specializing in games.

Full story

Research and strategy

Upon receiving the brief to design a theme for a car racing game application and create 10 essential screens within a week, I embarked on my usual approach: research and competitive audit. This method has always been my go-to, offering insights into industry trends, strategies to differentiate our product from competitors, and valuable lessons from successful designs.

I studied top 10 game applications of 2023 and 2024, downloading and interacting with four games. Viewing these applications through the lens of both a user and a designer, I tried to discover the underlying design strategies, functionalities, and user interfaces.

After conducting my research, I had a clear vision of the desired look and feel for my design, facilitating the selection of colors, typefaces, and overall look


What should be the overall tone/feel of the UI design of the game?


Modern, clean and fun

Before diving into the design, I created the user flow to ensure that my design would meet the needs and expectations of the target audience, providing a better understanding of the path users take within the application.

App design

The design that is playful, clean and easy to use

For the main menu design, I inspired by the shape of car wheels and decided to incorporate it into the menu navigation. This choice aimed to create a playful and thematic environment for the user


Usability testing and the outcome

After presenting my concept design to the stakeholder and the game development team, they were impressed by the innovative approach. However, they expressed concerns about the ease of understanding and navigation through the wheel interface. My response was simple: let's test it with users and gather feedback.


The results of the user testing were overwhelmingly positive and promising. This success bolstered the stakeholder's trust in the design. 


The primary purpose of the test was to evaluate whether users could easily navigate through the main menu (wheel) or if they would encounter difficulties. I conducted this test with 5 users, and here are the results:

Cherry on a top

Creating a habit system on the app

As a product designer, I recognize that designing for a gaming app extends beyond the interface; it involves crafting an immersive and engaging experience. Gaming applications aim to entertain users and provide them with a memorable experience. Therefore, I proposed integrating an awards system and infusing positive language into the design.



Creating a habit system on the app

Through this project, I not only expanded my skill set as a UX/UI designer but also gained a deeper understanding of user behavior and preferences in the gaming domain.

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