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Propose Feature

Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide, the average time spent by an Instagram user on the app per day is approximately 30 minutes. 

Instagram uses different user features for a few reasons:

  1. To keep users engaged

  2. To appeal to different user needs

  3. To differentiate from competitors

  4. To generate revenue

One of the popular features on Instagram is the saving feature. The save feature in Instagram allows users to save posts they find interesting or useful, so they can easily revisit them later. People save a variety of posts on Instagram, but some of the most commonly saved types of posts include:

  1. Tutorials

  2. Recipes, Food and Restaurants

  3. Travel Inspirations

  4. Motivational 

  5. Fashion and Beauty 


On a post that location is the key there isn't a feature to help user to revisit and find its saved post on the map.


Add a map under the save feature to make it easy for user to find where the saved post location is.


  • Makes is easy for a user to find the locations of their saved posts.

  • Encouraged users to use Instagram to visit  their interested places rather than other applications like google map.

Proposed Solution

Present Featuers

Proposed Feature

Added feature


Make it easy to find a saved post by its location. 
Also, users have the option to check the proximity of the saved posts if they wish to visit them.

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