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Furniture Company

The Majesty Furniture is a well-known luxury furniture brand in downtown Beirut. Majesty Furniture offers elegance furniture collections. The company is recognized as one of the finest furniture makers.

My Role


The goal is to craft an exquisite and captivating new brand identity for Majesty Furniture that epitomizes the essence of majesty. This identity should radiate elegance, luxury, and sophistication, reflecting the brand's position as a distinguished furniture maker in downtown Beirut.


Roles & Responsibilities

I was responsible to create a new identity brand, brochure, catalog, and design a new website. With a focus on elegance and luxury of the brand, my goal was to showcase the company's high-end furniture collections through visually appealing and engaging design.

  • Graphic Designer

  • UX/UI Designer


One week

Key Challenges 

  • The main challenge was to develop a printed design that could seamlessly transition to a digital presentation on the website while ensuring a consistent and effective user experience.


A Visual Symphony of Elegance

Majesty Furniture,is an esteemed and time-honored furniture brand located in the heart of Downtown Beirut, takes pride in its handcrafted creations.


Historically, their reputation had thrived within the older generation, solidified through unwavering trust and word-of-mouth. However, with the owner's desire to extend the brand's reach to a broader audience, Majesty Furniture sought our expertise.

Roles & Responsibilities

I had the exciting task of crafting a brand new identity. Whipping up some eye-catching marketing materials, and cooking up a brand new website.

  • Product Designer

  • Graphic Designer


Aveo Studio

Catalog and Card Design


Time and budget constraints


Designing for both print and website compatibility required a thoughtful approach. With time and budget constraints in mind, I took on the challenge of creating a catalog that could seamlessly transition from paper to the digital realm.

This involved carefully selecting design elements and layouts that could work effectively in both formats. 

The Catalog

Cards for Website

Brochure Design


The objective for the brochure design was to capture and convey the essence of the brand's majesty.


How we did

We aimed to achieve this by strategically selecting and incorporating photos that evoke a sense of homely comfort while also exuding an air of chic luxury. This balance was crucial in creating a visual narrative that resonated with the audience, effectively communicating the brand's unique blend of sophistication and approachability.

"Our Story" and "Product" Page Design

When designing the "Our Story" and "Product" pages, the primary objective was to maintain consistency with the brochure design. This involved applying the same strategic approach used in the brochure to the web design, ensuring a coherent and unified visual experience across both mediums.

Next Step

The next phase involves integrating the product items into the website, enabling customers to easily browse and order products online

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