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Visual Designer


Nigeria Government


Brand Identity and Marketing Material


3 Days



Amfani  Lakeside 

Lakeside park and residential estate

Dar Al Handasah was tasked with formulating a master plan for the development of Amfani Park and Residential Estate in Nigeria. I coordinating with over 25 individuals with various skills and backgrounds, including engineers, urban planners, environmental designers, and more.


Establishing a visual language that summarized innovation and residential comfort.


Design Identity

The Amfani Lakeside Park and Residential Estate in Nigeria was an expansive project designed to craft a harmonious environment where nature and homes peacefully coexist. For the brand identity I aimed to capture a feeling of friendliness, modern, nature, and comfort.

Logo design

The logo—a tent—symbolizes a cozy and welcoming place where people come together by the lake. 

Tent image


Chose of colors

I chose natural colors like dark green for lushness and sandy tones for a relaxing lakeside vibe inspired by African nature. These earthy color palette, symbolized community, sustainability, and harmony between industry and nature, mirroring the project's vision of a friendly, natural, and inviting place for everyone living there.


Over 20 team members from four different offices collaborated on this project. Therefore, it's crucial to choose a typeface that not only aligns with the brand but also remains accessible to all team members.



Team player

This experience taught me valuable lessons in collaboration and effective team management. It also provided me with the skills to create accessible designs for my team.

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