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My Favorite Books of All Times


The Design of Everyday Things


This book explores the principles of good design and how they can be applied to everyday objects and systems. Norman argues that good design should be intuitive, user-friendly, and focused on meeting the needs and expectations of users.

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How to be a Graphic Designer without Losing your Soul

Is a valuable resource for anyone interested in pursuing a career in graphic design. It offers practical advice and guidance for navigating the challenges of the profession, while also emphasizing the importance of maintaining a sense of purpose and creative fulfillment in one's work.

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Atomic Habits


James Clear in this book provides practical strategies for building good habits, breaking bad ones, and achieving your goals. The book is based on the idea that small, incremental changes in behavior can lead to significant improvements in our lives over time.

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Information is Beautiful

is a fascinating and visually stunning book that showcases the power of data visualization. It is a valuable resource for anyone interested in data, statistics, and visual communication, and it demonstrates how data can be used to tell compelling stories and reveal important insights about the world around us.

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Lean In

Sandberg, who is a successful business executive and former COO of Facebook, shares her own experiences and observations on gender inequality in the workplace, and offers advice on how women can overcome these challenges.

In my opinion Lean in, is a powerful and inspiring book that encourages women to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential in the work place.

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Hope for the Flowers


The book is a metaphor for life and the struggles that people face in trying to find their place in the world. It encourages readers to embrace the journey and find meaning in the process, rather than just focusing on the end goal.

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