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I like to do

Positive changes with deep research,

impactful solutions and beautiful design.

Through the journey of my life, I've been lucky to call these three incredible cities home—Esfahan, London, and Los Angeles—and meeting and being inspired by numerous amazing people and diverse cultures. These experiences have shaped me both as a person and as a designer: a product designer who aims to make things better for everyone around the world.

Let's do positive changes together.

Selective projects

Enjoy browsing!

Concept to creation, luxury furniture's web journey

Majesty Furniture_edited.png

E-commerce . B2C 

A new self-journey experience for Generation Z

App design . A/B testing . AI


Amplifying impact through enhanced usability and engagement.


Summative evaluation . Design solutions

Stable foundation for enduring success.


Design system . Heuristic evaluation


Industrial Park and Residential Estate.


Brand identity . Style guid  

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