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Web design journey


In this case study, I will share my journey through designing a website for Majesty Furniture and explain why it's important for their business to have an online platform. Additionally, I will showcase some of the marketing materials such as brochures and catalogs that I designed.


Visual & UX Designer


Majesty Furniture


Web & Brochure Design




About Majesty Furniture 

Majesty Furniture, is an esteemed and time-honored furniture brand located in the heart of downtown Beirut, takes pride in its handcrafted creations. Their main customers are who appreciate handcrafted, exclusive furniture. Despite their elegant and high-quality products, their sales were unsatisfactory. That's why they came to our team for rebranding. I added an elegant touch to their brand, as well as their digital and print marketing materials, to help boost their sales.


I was a visual designer working alongside of the creative director and a photographer and I was responsible to rebrand. 

In this case study, I share my journey through web designing for the Majesty Furniture. 


Final design overview


Increase revenue


  • Creating a website that allows customers to access the brand's latest inventory. 

  • Rebranding to more clearly reflect the company's mission.


What is the problem?

Majesty Furniture is a well-known furniture brand in Downtown Beirut with its loyal customers. However, in the past year, the brand didn't achieve the expected results. So the main questions I need to answer are:

  • Why did sales start slumping?

  • What caused this issue?

Business aim

The solution should not only satisfy its loyal customers but also attract more customers to the business.


I started my research with a friendly conversations with seven loyal customers of Majesty Furniture to understand what draws them back and fosters their loyalty and what's their needs? Ultimately, I uncovered two main reasons to make them loyal and one pain point. 


High Quality



Customer Pain Point

Desire to access The Majesty Furniture's latest collection online.

That discovery reminds me of businesses like "Toys R Us". Despite having many loyal customers, they faced bankruptcy due to falling behind in trends and technology, which made them unable to compete with their competitor. Now, it's evident that the lack of online accessibility was causing issues for Majesty Furniture, leading to the creation of the Majesty website.

User story
As a loyal customer of Majesty Furniture, I want convenient access to the latest collection online so that I can explore and consider purchasing furniture items from the comfort of my home.


Problem statment

Majesty Furniture only has a physical store and no online presence. Customers can't explore the latest collection online, making it less convenient for potential buyers.

Competitive analysis

To understand the vibe of other luxury furniture brand websites, I checked their website on both desktop and mobile devices, and make note of the first impressions. I reviewed the visual design of each their branding and overall consistency. Lastly, I examine the written content included on the website. Does the tone of the content match the company’s branding? Will users be able to find the details they’re interested in?That helped me understand the overall ambiance, features, and user experience they offered.

Transforming words into visual with limited time & budget

Understanding the necessity of a website was evident. The challenge ahead was how to effectively showcase the quality, luxury, and heritage of the brand through the website.

How might we

Design a website that gives our users a sense of pride while addressing their need for easy access to the latest collection?

For ideation during the design phase of Majesty Furniture's website, I implemented the 'Crazy 8' method, an effective design exercise. This method involved quick sketching and ideation, allowing me to generate multiple design concepts rapidly.


Final design

The Majesty website is more than a collection of images; it's a journey that deeply connects with the audience. The perfect balance between homely comfort and chic luxury, mirroring Majesty's unique blend of approachability and sophistication.


Story page

The story pages start with a powerful handcrafted design picture, followed by the strong mission and the company awards. Majesty Furniture has loyal, well-known customers like the President of the UAE. To showcase our pride in these customers, we've added this section to the page design.

Product page

The product page highlights the details that showcase the elegance of the Majesty products.


Bridging the gap between print and digital

Cards for website

The catalog

Brochure design

I took the same strategic approach that had proven successful in crafting the website and applied it to the brochure design. My objective was to ensure a consistent and unified visual experience across both platforms.


Through this project, I've learned the critical importance of businesses staying aligned with technology and evolving with the times to survive. Even with the best product, if it doesn't meet the needs of customers due to outdated technology, it's unlikely to sustain itself in the market.

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