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The Africa In Me

Stable Foundation for Enduring Success

AFIM is a nonprofit organization and it is dedicated to providing food and job security for families in need across four counties in Africa.

Roles & Responsibilities

A website redesign that helps users to understand the mission of the organization effectively and attracts more users.

  • Sr UX Designer


Expand and reach more donors.



The Africa in Me 

Usability Testing & Interview

Prioritizing the user, we conducted interviews with five users before commencing work on the design system. This step provided valuable insights, offering us a better perspective on user needs and preferences.

Interview Text

User Research Finding


I find it challenging to identify when I need to scroll down on certain pages.


One of our users mentioned

First Challenge


Addressing the challenge expressed by our users regarding difficulty in recognizing when to scroll down on specific pages.

Our Solution

Refining the initial image border on each page. This adjustment was made to clearly indicate that additional content exists below the border, thereby signaling to users that more content is available for exploration

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Establishing a Solid Foundation

Desktop - 1-3.png

Fostering trust is fundamental for a non-profit organization to attract more users. A key component of achieving this visually involves upholding consistency in design and tone. In our efforts to enhance our platform, we aligned all the pages side by side to identify areas for improvement. 


Our findings

9 buttons variations

Change to

2 buttons variations


Our findings

6 heading styles  -  5 body text styles

Change to

3 heading styles  -  1 body text styles


Recognizing the need for a design system, we aimed to create a structured framework for our platform that not only streamlines the current user experience but also sets the foundation for future growth and expansion in Africa in Me.

We used IBM Design System guidelines as our reference.

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Colors Styles

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