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Designing the Yumminess.

Do you ever find your mouth watering when talking about food? Do you also prioritize a healthy lifestyle? If so, let's dive deeper into this exciting UI design project and embark on a delightful journey.

Project Overview 

Little Lemon is a modern Mediterranean restaurant dedicated to delivering wholesome and nutritious meals to its discerning patrons. Our mission is clear: to infuse the essence of the Mediterranean culinary experience into a visually captivating digital realm.


To create a visually stunning interface and establish a design system that sets a new standard in the industry. We strive to craft an experience that not only satisfies the palate but also delights the eyes.


UI Designer



ABC Studio

How it starts

Every successful project commences with the synergy of great collaboration and effective communication. We initiated our journey by meticulously researching the goals and requirements meticulously outlined by our dynamic UX team. This process allowed us to lay the foundation for crafting a stunning UI design for our app, ensuring it resonated with our shared vision. 

Our primary objectives include empowering users with the ability to customize their orders, fashioning a contemporary and visually captivating UI design, and guaranteeing that the app remains exceptionally user-friendly. This focus drives every decision we make and underpins our dedication to creating a delightful user experience

Low- Fidelity Wireframes

We sketched numerous design options, both by hand and digitally. The low-fidelity wireframe that you see at the bottom is the final outcome of that process.

This provides visual representations of an application's user interface, illustrating the layout and structure of the app.

UI Kit


the Scenes


Choice of colors

Choice of Colors: The color yellow was a deliberate choice because it encapsulates the essence of our application - it's like a burst of energy and a dash of sunshine. When users interact with our app, we want them to feel invigorated and positive, just like the first sip of a refreshing lemonade on a hot summer day. Yellow brings that dynamic and cheerful element into the user's journey.

But, we understood that maintaining this level of high energy throughout the entire user experience might become overwhelming. That's where black, our second key color, plays a vital role. Black offers a sophisticated and calming contrast. It's akin to the serene night sky that beautifully complements the vibrancy of the day. By using black strategically in combination with yellow, we ensure that users don't feel bombarded but rather experience a harmonious balance between exuberance and elegance. This balance has a tangible impact on user engagement and retention.

Choice of Font

To convey the dynamic yet user-centric nature of our application, we chose the Poppins font. Poppins not only sounds inviting but also has a modern and stylish appeal. It represents the kind of friendly and trendy environment we want to create for our users.

More than just aesthetics, font choice directly influences readability and user interaction. Poppins's clean lines and legibility make the app's content easily accessible to users, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable reading experience. This font choice not only enhances our app's visual appeal but also impacts the practical usability, contributing to positive user feedback and satisfaction.

Frame 32-3.png

Now that the foundation of our visual design is firmly in place, it's time to delve into the world of iconography and crafting components with crystal-clear guidance for our developers and fellow team members. Just as our choice of colors and fonts were carefully considered to influence the user experience, our iconography and component design play an equally crucial role.



Frame 33.png


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